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Book of Ra is one of the most well-known video slots in the world. Novomatic invented the game, and it has achieved near-legendary reputation with its payout level and exciting bonus round that players can enjoy for hours on end without getting bored! It has also inspired a lot of other pokies; we have gone over every detail so make sure you’re up to date on how to play Book Of Ra so you don’t miss out.

Playing the Common Game

Playing Book of Ra is simple! You can bet between 0.09 and 90 cents per spin, so even players on a tight budget can enjoy this game. Simply choose how much money you want to gamble to set your stake – it does mean that there is a good range here for everyone who wants in on the action (and chances are, if it’s something that interests you, someone else is also keeping an eye out). Once you’ve made your decision, simply click ‘Start Play’ and watch as all reel positions fill automatically as timers clock down from 1…2….3!! If autoplay buttons aren’t already enabled, they should be because they not only save time but also ensure that no matter what happens, the video will play.

I prefer to think of the wild symbol in Book of Ra as an 8th winline. When it occurs on a single pay line, it activates another bonus round, with 9 more lives awarded for matching three adjacent symbols to the left or right:
It may not appear to be much, but when playing this game, every little bit helps!

When it comes to the scatter symbol, you must have a winning hand in order to receive free spins and the possibility of an additional payout.

Advantages Added

Book of Ra is a slot machine with a single bonus round. When three scatter symbols appear on the reels, a free spins mode is activated, and when an individual symbol is selected at random for stacking during this time period, all nine paylines become active, which means there could be up to two big prizes won!

The scatter does not appear during the bonus round, and it is not re-added to your reel until you have completed the free spins.


You can’t devise a technique that guarantees a win on every Book Of Ra spin. However, by controlling your bankroll, you can implement some methods and increase the likelihood of your gambling experience being successful (playing with smaller amounts). The rationale is simple: as time passes, there are more opportunities to score better paying symbols, increasing your chances of earning bonus rounds!
When playing this game, the major way I controlled my own personal bets was through risk management because, while luck undoubtedly plays a role, so do deliberate judgments depending on how much money has been set aside vs spent throughout each session/round.

So, if you’re able to set your budget at a level that allows you to obtain the most spins possible, your chances of winning large are better. That’s because this round makes it easier than ever to obtain those symbols and make some major money! Playing around with the demo version is a wonderful method to figure out how many games you’ll need; just don’t spend all day on one play because there is no real penalty for activating bonus rounds these days, unlike old-school video poker, where players’ lives were restricted after 3 minutes or less (unless reloading).

The demo mode is an excellent approach to determine whether or not the game will be enjoyable for you. It’s impossible due to the randomness, but there’s always a possibility! And with no strings attached, which means that if by some miracle this becomes your passion, all those hours spent playing may have been free in any case.


Book of Ra is one of the most fascinating games on the planet. Despite having a lesser number than many other titles, this slot machine manages to keep players intrigued with its bonus round, which features stacked symbols and makes things even more dramatic! It’s also worth mentioning that there are no free spins in this game – everything pays out when you win your bet so take advantage while playing because eternity waits for no man or woman as they say proverbially speaking here at National Casinos Of America where we have something special waiting just around every corner ready make those virtual hours disappear into thin air