The Periodic Table Method – An Easy Way to Win the Lotto

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Bromance, meet again and the dance of death. That’s what lottery players – and lottery lovers – say when the ball moves from one column to the next in the spinning wheel of life. What do they mean to say? Just continue to move in circles chasing your tail and never hitting the jackpot. Sounds familiar? Yes, it sounds like theTV show, but this time the player is not a mouse chasing his tail around during the game. He’s the young man who insists on moving his lottery winning tail from one column to the next in the spinning wheel of life, except this time he’s not the mouse. That’s right, it’s a 5 feet tall,sheet cloud with wings.

You’ve heard of the Periodic Table Method? Well, it’s a method that promises a similar sort of thrills by following a set of 12 numbers in the spinning wheel of lotto games. Do you see how similar it is to the lotto method? The only difference is that you’re not going to play yourmegamingslotteryin a horseshoe shaped table. You’re going to use a small ball to pick one of the numbers. How does the Periodic Table Method work? Let’s find out.

1.atches 5tery balls. The catch is, you must match all 5 balls in any order. It’s possible, but you have to get all of the 5 matched within 1 spin or the table gets a “Hot Number”, and you lose.

2.Follow the table’s short handedness rule.

If the table is tight, you can play more frequently and increase your chances of winning by playing Turbo, Long Hand, orassepairof numbers.

3.There’s no more buying the ultimate lotto wheel stolen from your local convenience store.

Now you can steal the comparatively cheaper and easier way to win – buy a pre-made 6 number wheel from your nearest convenience store. Some wheels are further pre-packed, and others include the full wheel with numbers already placed in them.

Having a wheel pre-packed increases your chances of winning because you can customize them to your preferred numbers.

4.Don’t play only the pre-ordained numbers.

Although some lotteries Don’t say 6 from 49, there is no such thing as a Longshot. So if you have 3 attractive looking numbers you may play them, even though this may reduce your chance of winning to 1 in 3. Weirder still is that you can play just one of the numbers recommended, so if you’re aiming for a win you may as well have the best chance you can get.

5.The tables of numbers are just as variable as the balls.

Some tables give you the best results by selecting numbers following the pattern of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 and to bet on these numbers you would multiply your stake by the table’s minimum bet.

Other tables recommend spinning the ball in different directions to increase your chance of getting a hit.

There’s no best or worst way to win at all – you have to see the whole picture. The ball can land on any of the balls – that’s why Roulette is a game of chance.