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Sim Free Mobile Phone Deals

Offers on Sim-Free Cell Phones

We have a great range of mobile bargains on renowned brands like Apple, Samsung, Nokia, Huawei, OnePlus, and more here at Box! You can also receive 0% financing, free delivery, and extended warranties, so you’ve come to the perfect site if you’re looking for the best place to buy a smartphone online!

We sell both new and refurbished phones, so you can save a lot of money while still getting the top quality you’d expect from a Box purchase.

All Box sim-free phones are factory unlocked, so you should be able to use any network’s sim card and get it up and running right away.

Mobile phones and finance

Not only do we provide exceptional prices, but we also offer interest-free financing through PayPal finance, allowing you to break down the cost of your purchase into smaller bitesize chunks and enjoy your new phone guilt-free.

Which phone maker is the most reputable?

Each brand has its own set of distinct qualities and opportunities. Apple, for example, uses only IOS software, which is well-known for its utility and security. While Samsung is well-known for being a forward-thinking firm, with phones like the Flip that have folding glass. Huawei is known for its high-quality built-in cameras, whilst OnePlus is known for offering good specs at a low price. Each model has a unique offering, and we recommend doing some research on the brand before making a purchase.

How much storage space do I need for my cellphone?

Storage options might vary widely and have a significant impact on the value. So, how can you know which is best for you and whether the price increase is worthwhile? So, to help you understand what’s best for you, we’ll quickly break down a couple of the most typical sizes of actions:

How much storage space does video take up on your phone?

Videos may differ depending on the camera, however on average: 4K videos require about 300MB per minute, Full HD videos consume about 100MB per minute, and 8K videos consume about 600MB per minute. As a result, someone recording in full HD can receive about 10 minutes of footage per GB, whereas someone shooting in 8K may only get two minutes per GB.
How much storage space is used up by photos on your phone?

The size of images varies depending on the digital camera, but each picture takes about 5MB on average.

As a result, a casual photographer can get around 200 shots out of 1GB, whereas an obsessive photographer would need over 30GB for 6,000 photos.

How much room does a game take up on your phone?

The size of the file can range from 40MB to 1GB and beyond. The sophistication of applications ranges from simple programmes like calendars and social media to strong apps like major video games or video enhancing tools. We recommend setting up roughly 20GB-40GB for apps, depending on how much you prefer to use apps to better your daily life.

We believe that 8-16GB phones are only suited for those who use their phones for very basic activities such as phone calls, messages, and a few images, because most smartphone operating systems can use anywhere from 4-10GB storage capacity.

We may claim that 64-128GB is the sweet spot for the majority of clients. Why not expand it to 32GB? As the cellphone nears its maximum capacity, it slows down. So 64GB will provide you plenty of storage while yet allowing you to run at peak performance. You may profit from storage space for years to come, whether it is for preserving irreplaceable memories with photos or movies, staying entertained with movies and video games, or enhancing day-to-day living with calendars, health apps, maps, and extra.

A 128GB phone, on the other hand, can hold 900 photographs, 60 minutes of UHD video, 1000 songs, 20 films, and over a thousand apps. As a result, it is a phone that is future-proof and will give you with room for many years to come. Anything more than 128GB is ideal for gamers, film enthusiasts, and high-resolution photographers.

What exactly is 5G on mobile devices, and which gadgets are compatible with it?

As the successor to 4G, 5G is the most recent broadband standard, allowing us to do more while also giving faster speeds. Streaming a movie on the bus or loading a critical document while on the go is now more convenient than before.

On Box, we have a special page for 5G equipped phones, so you can easily find a phone that can give you with super-fast web speeds now and in the future.

What is the greatest cell phone camera for me?

As smartphones have evolved, we’ve seen some significant advances in built-in cameras. For example, the Huawei P30 Pro has a 32MP front camera as well as a quadruple 40MP, 20MP, and 8MP digicam. Similarly, the Galaxy S21 Ultra has a 40MP selfie camera, while the iPhone 12 Pro Max has large sensors, stabilisation, and three 12MP cameras.


Here you may find shows in a range of sizes and resolutions. While Full HD is adequate for most people, Quad HD may provide great sharpness, making it ideal for larger screens.
What other options do I have?

On our smartphone page, you’ll find amazing choices for wi-fi charging and quick charging, as well as seamless compatibility with wireless headphones and smartwatches. You may even come across tough phones that offer improved dust, drop, and dampness protection for added peace of mind at work.