Crazy Crocodile

In my childhood days I have seen the discovery channel so much, which made me the diehard fan of the the most famous host of discovery’s Steve Irwin, the croc hunter. He was very good at handling the crocs and other crazy animals like them.

I remember some of the attacks made on him that was captured on camera. One of them was when he was catching them on the beach of eveland without any helmet on. And the attack was really fierce that he hardly managed to get a narrow escape.

This obsession of mine with Steve made me search online for some of his extraordinary work and there I found this amazing slot game based on the very theme of crocodiles called the “crazy crocodiles”. It is is a classic online video slot machine that consists of 3 reels and single paying line, I also read that it was made to generally assess the quality of Crazy Crocodile and a pretty interesting game if you take a look with the fun point of view.

So I decided to give it a try, In order to do so I managed to read some reviews and watch some tutorial videos on youtube along with check on it ratings as well. To play the game trial I looked for some website that could give me some free spins to play it without any fear of losing. But when I played it really made up with expectations I linked with it. Considering the fact that I have become pretty savvy with the working of game so I decided to play it with real money and guess what I really made some bucks with it along with fun as well.