Crazy 80’s For Classic Slot Lovers

Being a little orthodox kind of person, I have always admired the classic things and believed in the phrase “old is gold”. I was in my golden age called the teenage in the decade of 80’s. And that is the reason I got a special bond with decade. The crazy outfits, songs, music videos, pants, sunglasses, action movies, classic hair styles, dance moves, cartoons, cars and the clothing all these of that time were just matchless.

And this has become my habit that I always look for the classic thing everywhere, whether I am getting haircut or buying a new car. And because of this obsession of mine with the vintage things has made me little far from my friend and relative because of the differences in likings.

Let me tell you the incident when of my old pal was telling me some ways to cope the free time of mine, he suggested me the online casinos to play and have fun. Even in that thing I also asked him to suggest me some pokie that is based on the very theme. There he comes with the slot called the “Crazy 80’s”. It is a slot that is inspired by the decade of 80’s and is created by Microgaming. It is a 9 line game with a maximum bet of single coin per line. So I tried the game with the free spins my friend shared with me after reading the reviews and stuff online. And believe me there is nothing better than playing and win your favorite themed pokie machine.

The Fun of Blackjack Bonanza

Did you ever play Blackjack? If you play it in your past then you will able to know that what was amazing in that. Your luck resides in those cards. Your win and loss were declared by those. You can become a millionaire after unfolding of the cards otherwise you become bankrupt in that similar unfurling. This is also the most played one which are played anywhere in the world. There are not too much hard and fast rules but they are simple easy. You have to just made your bet after looking to your cards and then hope that you contender had cards of less priority. And if you were able to get an ace in your cards then you are going to be extremely lucky because ace has the most priority in all cards. I enjoyed it of my own during my visit to Australia. But in my country they are not legal so after that I was not able to get an opportunity to visit there again. I never got an opportunity again of playing with our live contenders sitting in front of me on the other side of the table.

After I reached my native country I become busy with my business. But on a weekend I started missing it. So, I started searching for it on the internet. I got the one little bit similar to that I was searching for. The name of that was Blackjack Bonanza. I visited the site the name of it was Roxy Palace. They converted the glamour of real blackjack into the world of slots. But the uniqueness of it was its symbols. It was showing that it was played using the three slots. And you have to only find the winning combination on those reels to win the game. I got all those information and read the playing rules. After that I selected the free play option of it because I want to try it for the free instead of losing any money. They awarded me some free spins by which I can play it. I fully utilized those free spins and used them in learning the basics of it.

Crazy Crocodile

In my childhood days I have seen the discovery channel so much, which made me the diehard fan of the the most famous host of discovery’s Steve Irwin, the croc hunter. He was very good at handling the crocs and other crazy animals like them.

I remember some of the attacks made on him that was captured on camera. One of them was when he was catching them on the beach of eveland without any helmet on. And the attack was really fierce that he hardly managed to get a narrow escape.

This obsession of mine with Steve made me search online for some of his extraordinary work and there I found this amazing slot game based on the very theme of crocodiles called the “crazy crocodiles”. It is is a classic online video slot machine that consists of 3 reels and single paying line, I also read that it was made to generally assess the quality of Crazy Crocodile and a pretty interesting game if you take a look with the fun point of view.

So I decided to give it a try, In order to do so I managed to read some reviews and watch some tutorial videos on youtube along with check on it ratings as well. To play the game trial I looked for some website that could give me some free spins to play it without any fear of losing. But when I played it really made up with expectations I linked with it. Considering the fact that I have become pretty savvy with the working of game so I decided to play it with real money and guess what I really made some bucks with it along with fun as well.

Cracker Jack: Easy Win Slot

I believe that the hunger of being rich and wealthy is all that you need to become successful in life. Let me tell you one of my friend stories who is a billionaire right now only because of the hunger of being rich. When he was studying he used to talk big and was not good at all in academics. So we used to make him understand that studies are the most important factor in life.

On the other hand he used to say that there is no connection in studies and being rich. And today is the day I do totally agree with him. He played the monopoly and games and became one of the country’ richest person. He used to play board game that time and today is the day when he got his own casinos all over.

I remember the day, when he came to me once and told me about the slot game called the Cracker Jack themed on a spying agent. It is a three reel slot that gives you bonus option along with the single pay line. And the three reel means that you have to make your winning combination out of the three spinning wheels. At that time I took the game lightly and don’t give a damn about it.

Last week when I was talking to him on Facebook he told me that he keep it up and made the digging continued. He searched online for the slot reviews and sites that give free spins to play and win real money and can be withdrawn with the help of PayPal. He did the same and became so rich by playing pokies along with additional fun.

First Online Game Experience with Untamed: Wolf Pack

Today, I am gonna tell you about my visit to Australia where I got a chance to fulfil my dreams. This was possible only due to my friends who forced me to join them in this adventurous trip, first of all let me tell you about this exotic country believe me this is one of the most beautiful and joyful country in the world where you can do anything or I can say where dreams comes true. Since from my childhood, I love something interesting and knowledgeable like technology advancement, historical monuments and other stuff. Along with this, I love to watch movies generally sci-fi and action related movies and TV series most prefer those which include something supernatural like vampires, werewolves and other creatures

After exploring this amazing country, I and my friends reached to a night club which is a part of one of the famous casino in this country. I am not very fond of the games so I came back to my hotel and open my laptop to search other tourist destinations in Australia. During Surfing the net, multiple pop-up windows opened in my system I close most of them but one of them attracts me most due to its supernatural theme song along with their name Untamed: Wolf Pack slots, so I think let’s try it and then I clicked on the link to visit the website. The site was designed in a perfect way that would encourage anyone to go for it.

Firstly, I searched for the reviews in order to make sure that it’s not fake and after reading response of the others, I started playing this and rules were very simple just pull the lever down if you got three wolf faces in all three spinning video slots or wheels you won a jackpot. I got lucky and able to win a lot of money without any expenses i.e. free.

Mega Moolah: And amazing pokie which made my day

The modern lifestyle of every single person is quite hectic and we all want to feel free and relaxed but come back to home this is really not gonna helpful to go outside to make your mind good. So I think here online games help me a lot. So if same happens with you too, there is a good solution for you as well. I hope these some tips will help you out.

So here I am going to tell you some best reviews about my favorite game which is Mega Moolah. Basically it’s launched by the king of all betting one’s microgaming. While playing with it first I gave me some bonus points which proved very helpful for me. Because with these free bonus I played a trial versions on it for went through from that one. Or if you do not play with it then you can play with the demo. From demo machines beginners can try a game without paying a single one.

For playing more and more I purchased its paid app from the store for my android phone to get all the best and paid features options which can make my winning chances. Some on the net casinos give me a good free bonus to big win. I remembered last I played for the jackpot round when I was in Canada’s land based clubhouse. There I talked to a person which was doing something in his phone so I asked with him what he is looking for so he told me about a website where I can find some cheat codes.

When I was playing first time one of my friends told me to play with no deposit bonus or some free slots. Or I would suggest you to take a look of the gaming forums which provides best payout options for the gamers.

Spending some time With Bingo Slots

Do you love cricket? I know that soccer is very much famous in the whole world about 200 countries plays football but don’t underestimate the popularity about cricket. If you will able to know about the blitz of cricket then surely you will love that. Till now it is very much famous in Asia, Australia, and some other places. But now its popularity is increasing all over the world many countries wanting to play in the elite club of cricket world. The most famous teams of cricket are India and Australia and cricket gave many players who became a brand ambassador of it. The most famous of all are Sir Don Bradman of Australia and Sachin Tendulkar of India. They are as much famous as Messi and Ronaldo. In last decade Australia rules the cricket contrary but its winning streak was broken by India defeating them in world cup quarterfinal in 2011. Now next year world cup is to be played in Australia and I hope that they will again appear as the dangerous knight and win the cup again. That is a prayer of every Australian citizen but leave it on the players.

Instead of it my favorite player is Brett Lee. He is a fast bowler from the Australian team. He was the fastest player ever played in the history of the game. When he appeared in the Australian cabin girls loses her heart. Now he appeared as an artist in many songs and I am just a fan of him. He was called as Binga in the dressing room that word amazed me. One day I was searching about the meaning of it. Over the internet, I got many results but one result took me to the casino page. That was showing me a game which was named as Bingo that was a little bit similar to what I was searching for.

I played casinos many times in my life, but that was just a new for me. The difference in that and the previous one I played was this was based on cards while others on the reels. I started thinking about playing it because I want to try this new one. Firstly I read the information regarding it which includes playing rules and other winning criteria. After reading all these, I made a sign up to the site and found some free coins startup bonanza. I got full enjoyment in the time I spend on it. I played it with some of my friends and they also liked it.

Amazing time With Blackjack

So, we all are here again and that too for the same purpose for which you came here to get information. In this article, I am going to share a fantastic experience about the fantabulous game I had ever played. I heard about it many times and at many places. Have you watched the movie casino royal which comes under the James Bond series? In that movie, bond plays with some other players. He joined them for the purpose of apprenticeship and after that he started applying the advanced strategy in it able to won the bet he made. He played as the hookers and then started playing with all odds. He pulled an ace from the card counter and able to defeat all the other players and the villain also. In many plays which are played using the cards ace rules but in this it is everything. Now I don’t want to stretch this fictional story and coming back to my real story. So, that was the time when I was in Australia for attending a business meeting.

I finished my business meeting well in time and got some free time for enjoyment and I don’t want to that this opportunity will slip out if my hands. I visited many tourist sites, but then I had an experience which was a dream of my life. That dream was of visiting a land based casino. I played the online version of it, but I want to feel it while playing with real players. And I got that opportunity during that visit. I planned my whole visit with my business friend and according to our decided schedule we reached our destination. And that evening arrived when we reached there. That was just an exotic place more than that I was dreamed of. The atmosphere there was just exhausted. I and my friend reached a table where small bets were in process. They were playing the most famous and amazing game known as Blackjack. That was played only with a couple of cards. You have to apply your betting strategy while playing with those cards. I saw that peoples were betting lots of money on the similar one. I read some important tips from the internet and started applying in our bets. I played with small bets and won some of them. I was able to make handsome cash with it. I don’t want to leave the table, but I have to. That experience was just amazing. I got everything there for which I dreamt off.

Play Australian Pokies Online Free & Download Emulator App For iPhone & Android Mobile Phones To Win Real Money With Free Spins & No Deposit Bonus

On the weekend I and my friend decided to take a day trip to spend the whole day with him. First we were going to the museum because I love to go there. Actually I have very much interest in antique and old things. That’s why whenever I get time I read these type of stuff.

After spending almost half day we went to the restaurant there we took a beer and some snacks. I observed my friend tom was doing something with his phone so I asked him what he is doing. So he told me that now day he was getting very much involved in gambling and all stuff and he has won a lot of money through this. So I went eager to know about all this so I also can get some amount through betting.

Well, it was not really hard to find Australian pokies with free spins & no deposit bonus, so i picked some of them from the list that was shared by a player on a forum, he has also shared the free spin there along with the strategies and tips, which came out pretty handy later to win the real money with minimum investment.

When he told me about some online casino games which I can play at my android mobile and on the net there are so many ranges of pokie games so I can never be bored with it. I can switch one after one. And the best part about these which I like the most that whenever I signed up with new clubhouse they provide me some free credits and bonus points from which I can play and take the trial of the pokie. I tried the Chiefs Magic slot with it. It is a 3 reels slot with a single pay line game, although there is no bonus comes with it but still I made nice amount of money with it and enjoyed the game pretty much at the same time.