Amazing time With Blackjack

So, we all are here again and that too for the same purpose for which you came here to get information. In this article, I am going to share a fantastic experience about the fantabulous game I had ever played. I heard about it many times and at many places. Have you watched the movie casino royal which comes under the James Bond series? In that movie, bond plays with some other players. He joined them for the purpose of apprenticeship and after that he started applying the advanced strategy in it able to won the bet he made. He played as the hookers and then started playing with all odds. He pulled an ace from the card counter and able to defeat all the other players and the villain also. In many plays which are played using the cards ace rules but in this it is everything. Now I don’t want to stretch this fictional story and coming back to my real story. So, that was the time when I was in Australia for attending a business meeting.

I finished my business meeting well in time and got some free time for enjoyment and I don’t want to that this opportunity will slip out if my hands. I visited many tourist sites, but then I had an experience which was a dream of my life. That dream was of visiting a land based casino. I played the online version of it, but I want to feel it while playing with real players. And I got that opportunity during that visit. I planned my whole visit with my business friend and according to our decided schedule we reached our destination. And that evening arrived when we reached there. That was just an exotic place more than that I was dreamed of. The atmosphere there was just exhausted. I and my friend reached a table where small bets were in process. They were playing the most famous and amazing game known as Blackjack. That was played only with a couple of cards. You have to apply your betting strategy while playing with those cards. I saw that peoples were betting lots of money on the similar one. I read some important tips from the internet and started applying in our bets. I played with small bets and won some of them. I was able to make handsome cash with it. I don’t want to leave the table, but I have to. That experience was just amazing. I got everything there for which I dreamt off.